Riot Games League of Legends Api for .NET framework written in C#.

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This is a .net wrapper Api for Riot Games League of Legends written in C#. The goal of this project is to provide a higher level of interaction with the Riot's API Rest service, json responses are deserialized into typed objects and all Http calls are handled by this wrapper as documented by Riot. You can save time and focus on your actual application needs and let this api do all the communication and deserialization work for you.


The easiest way to install this api to your project is using NuGet

To install RiotApi.NET, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package RiotApi.NET

Ofcourse you can always download the source code and use it in your project as you like.

How to use

The usage of the RiotApi.Net is a piece of cake! In less than three lines of code you can retrieve any kind of data from Riot's services. For instance you can fetch all free to play champions and print them to screen as you can see in the following example.


Example 1

Get free to play champions

First import the appropriate libraries

using RiotApi.Net.RestClient;
using RiotApi.Net.RestClient.Configuration;

Then create an http Riot client and make a call to champions API

IRiotClient riotClient = new RiotClient("your api key here");
//retrieve all current free to play champions
var championList = riotClient.Champion.RetrieveAllChampions(RiotApiConfig.Regions.NA, freeToPlay: true);
//print the number of free to play champions
Console.WriteLine($"There are {championList.Champions.Count()} free to play champions to play with!");
response => There are 17 free to play champions to play with!

Example 2

Get two summoners and compare their levels

IRiotClient riotClient = new RiotClient("your api key here");
//retrieve xeyanord and fnatictop summoners with one call
var summoners = riotClient.Summoner.GetSummonersByName(RiotApiConfig.Regions.EUNE, "xeyanord", "fnatictop");
var xeyanord = summoners["xeyanord"];
var fnatictop = summoners["fnatictop"];
//print the following statement about the two summoners
Console.WriteLine($"{fnatictop.Name} is level {fnatictop.SummonerLevel} and {xeyanord.Name} is {xeyanord.SummonerLevel}, its because {xeyanord.Name} is a slacker!");
response => Fnatic Top is level 30 and Xeyanord is 15, its because Xeyanord is a slacker!

Example 3

Get top 5 Challenger Tier EUNE leaderboard for Ranked Solo 5x5

IRiotClient riotClient = new RiotClient("your api key here");
//get challeger tier league for ranked solo 5x5
var challengers = riotClient.League.GetChallengerTierLeagues(RiotApiConfig.Regions.EUNE, Enums.GameQueueType.RANKED_SOLO_5x5);
//get top 5 leaderboard using LINQ
var top5 = challengers.Entries.OrderByDescending(x => x.LeaguePoints).Take(5).ToList();
//Print top 5 leaderboard
topEntry =>
$"{topEntry.PlayerOrTeamName} - wins:{topEntry.Wins}  loss:{topEntry.Losses} points:{topEntry.LeaguePoints}"));
response =>
Fnatic Top - wins:303  loss:239 points:1269
T5 yELLOW - wins:245  loss:157 points:1261
Konektiv - wins:185  loss:114 points:1204
Delitto123 - wins:193  loss:125 points:1185
ALBAN1AN god - wins:224  loss:158 points:1125

Download the full api documentation reference here (chm format)

Need help?

You can post a question on StackOverflow using the tags riot-games-api

Web UI

LoLUniverse is a separated project that utilize this API and provides a user interface and a prototype League of Legends web application. The project is build in ASP.NET MVC framework and you can find it here.

Third party libraries used

Also using

  • Appveyor for continuous integration and build server.
  • waffle for project management


This wrapper is under the MIT license.


This product is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Riot Games, Inc. or any of its affiliates.